Unbelievably, Microsoft have just announced a massive change to their biggest console yet.

They’ve taken on feedback from the fans and changed several of the restrictions that made the console almost unusable without an internet connection.

After a one-off connection to the web for setup purposes, the Xbox One will no longer need a constant internet to play games or any sort of checkup.

They are also going against their complex second-hand game system, instead they will be adopting the age-old tradition of using retail stores to resell second-hand games just like normal.

How this will affect their chances this generation are unknown. Lets face it, our trust has been damaged, though this decision can’t make matters worse for the new console. It just may be a while before we trust anything an MS individual has to say for quite some time.

If you want the full details, visit the Xbox Blog.

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  1. Westie

    Now, if they could just lower the price so I can justify buying one for Halo… =P

    • Alexander Bradley
      Alexander Bradley

      Fat chance. Maybe if they dropped the kinect they could bring the price down but otherwise, you’ve got to pay full wack unless you wait it out awhile.


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