I just found out about an interesting new 4x space game that could be something special.

Thanks to Space Sector for the info on this one.

Worlds Collide is a 4x space strategy game that uses the hex system from Civ 5 to lay out the map, not too sure about combat yet. Ships can be stacked in what looks like fleets as they move around using what can only be called, an actual sensor system.

Not one of those, oh, an alien fleet is about to take my homeworld. Whoops, should have stationed more ships there. Nope, it sounds like you”ll have incoming data on unknown objects long before they get close and more data will be revealed the closer that object gets to a ship of yours. This should make casino sneak attacks far harder to achieve with the enemy being well aware of incoming fleets before you can launch the attack.

I have to say that for one fellow to build this game to this point on his own, in his spare time, is impressive. For him to come up with some unique ideas and implement them is even more so. Paul Hickey is the creator and brains behind the project.

For now the game isn”t in any playable state, though many games have since launched that have had the same issue. (Cough, SOTS 2, Cough.)

Check out his blog where he keep the public updated on the games progress. We hope to be hearing more about this indie games progress in the near future. For now, check out some screenshots of the game below.

[minigallery id=”913″ prettyphoto=”true”]

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Hickey

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the write-up! It’s always good to hear others are interested in a project you are working on. Once it’s closer to a properly playable stage I might need a few testers for feedback,compatibility and ideas, I’ll keep you in mind when i get to that stage :)

    • Alexander Bradley
      Alexander Bradley

      Cheers Paul. I’d love the chance to help test the game. It’s about time we had some great 4x games come back into the limelight. Good luck on the project.


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