We have had a slight break thanks to Easter, hope you all enjoyed what time you got off. Now for this weeks great line up, we’re certainly concentrating on the Tech side of crowd funding today, gives us all a break from heaps of cool looking games. So we have a Pipboy 3000 look alike that could be your’s for a hefty sum. A small accessory to help you snap things anywhere, some solar panels that could replace standard roadways, and to finish it all off, an interesting adventure game based in a prison.

The Rufus Cuff

So who’s always wanted a Pipboy 3000 strapped to your wrist giving you all the information you’ll ever need? Yep, I think I have most of your attention now.

Though Rufus Cuff isn’t based on the Pipboy 3000, it certainly mimics the idea of a wrist computer that either replaces or works hand in hand with our smart mobile phones.

The device can fit almost any wrist with different sized wrist straps, with of course different colours for those fashion conscious geeks out there. Once strapped to your wrist the device can connect to your phone or work solely off wifi. If connected to your phone though you can receive texts and phone calls through it without having to pull out your mobile. It can track fitness stats, display social networks, connect to any Android or iOS device or even phone call others.

I know we’ve seen a lot of Smart Watches in the past couple months and we’ll probably see a lot more for the next few years, but The Rufus Cuff really looks the part, works smooth and has a decent battery, for once. Not to mention the rather large display.


Check out the video below and the campaign page for more details. As some of you have guessed, this isn’t going to be cheap to get but you’ll probably be hard pressed to get a better price for a while if this does go fully commercial.


Snap is a little black attachment you can add to any device, with a male connector placed anywhere else in your life. On your desk, wall, car or window. Anywhere you want to hang your phone up or other items, or clip certain items together. Snap is able to do this at a relatively cheap cost.

The basic bundle comes with two female adapters for phones or other items while also supplying five male adapters to stick to places you’d like to hang your devices. That at the measly cost of $10.


Not a bad idea and you can see it in action below or check out the campaign page itself.

Solar Roadways

Okay, this might sound incredibly ridiculous but here this couple out. The video is a little difficult to hear at times but the message has still gotten across.

A couple from the USA have created the worlds first smart road technology. By combining incredibly thick recycled glass with chip sets with solar cells plastered on them, the Solar Roadway idea could actually fix a lot of the issues we have today.

Not only can these roads produce an incredible amount of energy, but they can also help cut down on green house gases by 75%, melt snow during the winter periods and also charge your new electric car. Among the ability to help sort out storm-water that causes 50% of the water pollution in America, this could be one of the biggest game changes for roadworks and every countries infrastructure. Imagine running every households electric off the roads, charging all cars of the road, using the LED’s in the road to spell out warnings or danger messages to motorists along with the many other advantages this could bring.

Beyond space travel or fancy gadgets, this could seriously revolutionise our entire industries from roadworks to power production to disaster management and they would all benefit the common people. The only people who wouldn’t want this are those set to lose vast amounts of money, like our energy production companies.

I say, even if you can only give a $10, do it to help make roads safer, more useful and much more greener.

Video below and campaign page here, please at least give them a chance.


Okay so we come to the game of this episode, I did try to keep this a very techy episode but sometimes I can’t pass up the chance to show off a cool game I’ve found.

And what a game it is.

Prisonscape puts you in the boots of a prisoner. That simple.

You have to survive of course, by gathering items, crafting weapons, talking to the locals and beating down your enemies. The end result is you eventually escaping that hell hole and getting away.

Not only do I not think this has been done before as a game in itself but the trailer really does make it looks like a messed up place to be, and that intrigues me even more.

What puzzles me is the fact that the project only has seven days left with most of the funding still to be found. Surely we have enough gamers who’d love to see this game created, around the world to help make this a reality. Please share it with friends and colleagues. This game needs to be made.

Check out the trailer below or pop straight over to the campaign page to show some love.

Past Projects Update:

Prodigy – Passed its original goal and doubled it. It should be out sometime around October 2015.

The Red Solstice – Luckily this game just passed its target before closing with a $10,000 bonus. The demo can still be played here or you can continue to back the game here.

Gamebuino – This project just scraped by but it did pass and will be created ready for the July 2014 release date.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope you all enjoy the long weekend here in the UK.

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