Welcome to another episode of What’s Kicking. Sorry about missing last week, the flu and many other problems kept me at bay. Not that you care for excuses, so let’s get on with the goodies.

The Red Solstice

I know I’ve already done a separate article for this game but I really want to push it. I’ve played the alpha and it was pretty damn exciting. It would be a real shame if this game didn’t hit the mark and I’m positive it has a customer base somewhere, so spread the word to those who love action, rpg elements, third person shooters, blood & gore. We have a game for them and we need your wallet to make it happen.

Check out the game here or check out a gameplay video below.

Auto Tile Gen

This is actually something new for us at AGR.

I’m not sure how many of you want to make your own game, or how many of you have already tried, but we have something that may give you a helping hand.

Auto Tile Gen is a piece of software that can make making new terrain tiles a doodle. I’m not joking, check out the campaign video below for a brief demonstration but it is awesome at what it does.

You can even paint live onto each tile and have the effects replicated across a test map that shows you all the different pieces it’s made for you. It looks simple and quick to get used too, I could see most of us creating some rather cool looking pixel art terrain with this tool and the perks are as simple as you can get. You support the software with a small donation or you support it with a reasonable donation and get the full blown software in exchange, that’s it.

Check it out here or see below for a demonstration video.


This is something unique and special.

Gamebuino is a small handheld console that comes with the basic ability to let you create your own games from scratch. Starting with Pong and working your way to games like Zelda type adventures.

This tiny little device, the size of a credit card, can hold several games and also play multiplayer with other Gamebuino devices.

You’ll also have the ability to add to the device with extra add-ons like an accelerometer.

Check out the campaign page here or see below for a quick guide on what the device can do.

Past Projects Update:

Proven Lands: Looks like they cancelled the campaign as it wasn’t going anywhere. The team behind the project are now rethinking their strategy.

Gunscape: This project also didn’t meet the goal but there already moving on and getting ready for the next step, you can back them via paypal on there website and the team will be bringing the game to most modern platforms very soon.

Virtual Ride To Space: Also didn’t make it though there is not a lot of info about what they plan on doing now, let’s hope they survive and finish the project in some way.

Planets3: Has managed to pass its goal by a healthy margin and will be in full swing once the campaign finishes in another few hours. We look forward to seeing what it has in store for us.

The UnEarth Initiative: Though the project didn’t make it, they are putting a brave face on and getting on with the game with what they have at the moment. Hopefully they’ll get some support sooner rather than later.

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a fantastic last week of term.

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