Sorry for the messed up release last Friday, it published without me finishing it properly, that has since been fixed.

Back to the projects of the week though, we have a awe-inspiring remake of Macbeth with some very famous faces, a classic FPS game that takes player creativity to the next level and another sandbox type sci-fi game exploring different planets.

Enemy Of Man

I don’t actually actively look for movies to support as I’m very picky in the traditional movie/film sense. This however caught my eye as a possibly great film.

The cast is a major list of stars that any Englishman worth his salt should be proud of. With Sean Bean, (Sharpe, Ned Stark,) leading the cast as Macbeth, Rupert Grint, (Ron Weasley) playing Ross and Charles Dance, (Tywin Lannister,) playing Duncan, we should be in for a hell of a retelling of the original Macbeth story.

Better yet, they have a good group of supporting actors and staff to help make the project brilliant. All they need is our support to make the project as great as possible.

Now $15 gets you access to the finished film and the 8 minute proof of concept short film they have all done to prove the concept would work. From the few shots on the campaign I can heartily say that this project looks amazing and gets me excited to see the full length finished product.

Show some support at the Kickstarter campaign and see below for the trailer created to show off some fantastic scenes.


I enjoy First Person Shooters just as much as the next guy, but modern games have been overdoing the genre just a tad lately. A return to the classic formula of Unreal could be what we need now and who better to give it to us than an indie company who’s passionate about the project.

Gunscape is focused not just around the unreal type combat but also about creating and sharing levels, designs, game modes and such with a wide audience of gamers.

The game comes with the level editor which is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. Giving players the ability to keep themselves entertained for possibly years to come.

The idea sounds great and from what they currently have up and running, it looks pretty good too.

Show some support at the Kickstarter page or see below for the trailer.

Proven Lands

So we’ve had a few projects recently about alien worlds and exploring them. Guess what, we’ve got another one.

The differences are always the special unique details.

Proven Lands hopes to bring in some new experiences into the genre by procedurally generating each planet with different types of biomes and terrain.

A working eco system that links in with the native alien species.

AI Meta Game that works by driving the story, the way a dungeon master might.

And many more extra features that should make the game large in scope as well as feature set. Check out the campaign page or see below for the trailer.

Past Project Updates:

Epoch: Return – The campaign was cancelled as the developers didn’t think they’d done a good enough job of getting across the idea to the fans. This should be back in the crowd funding scene once they’ve got the details bashed out.

Space Pioneer – Though the campaign didn’t succeed, the team behind the game are going to continue working on it and are currently accepting paypal pledges to help make the game what it should be.

StarCrawlers – Finally some good news. StarCrawlers blasted past its goal and swept up several stretch goals. We can look forward to the finished product near the end of the year.

Galactic Princess – Another game that went past its goal and did incredibly well. We can expect the game in its final version late next year.

Have a fantastic weekend fellow geeks, & nerds!

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