Welcome to episode 17 of What’s Kicking? This week we have a Sci-fi exploration game, a handy phone charger and an easy way to experience the journey into space.

Epoch Return

All I should have to say for this is that developers who helped create Dragon AGe, Mass Effect & Halo 4 are together on one team, wanting to make a special and new sci-fi experience. That’s all I should have to say to get you interested but it’ll probably take more details than that for some skeptics our there. Tut, tut!

The game takes place on an alien world where you’ve crashed landed. You and your wife are trying to repair your ship to leave, (yes your wife is still alive, I know that is pretty weird for games nowadays but just stay with it.)

So to repair the ship your wife stays behind, being the pilot and engineer she is, while you go off exploring the planet for anything that might help.

The story is all about exploration and living the moments rather than the game stopping and showing you what is going on. Instead you’ll see the story as it happens and though the husbands eyes.

It sounds like an interesting idea, include the fact that you can wall run, jump to ridiculous heights and see an alien world and you’ve got me sold.

Check out the video below for an idea on the gameplay and pop over to the campaign page here.

Virtual Ride To Space Using The Oculus Rift

I think for most of us, a trip to space would complete us as geeks. Its something that even non-sci-fi lovers could enjoy, the voyage through the atmosphere, the beauty of Earth, the sparkly stars surrounding you in nothingness!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to take a trip above our own planet and experience it all in the safety of your own home.

Well this project wants to make that a reality by using the best equipment that we commoners can buy. The Oculus Rift. Better yet, if you don’t have an Oculus Rift or have no intention of getting one, your still in luck. The perks specially mention that you can get PC & Mobile versions of the finished software instead of an Oculus Rift version.

The project only wants £30,000 and currently has almost £5,000 of that achieved. Would you like to experience a ride to space? Check out the campaign page and the video on it for more details.


Ever wanted to charge your phone on the go? Of course.

Ever wanted to charge you phone super quick? Doh, yes please!

Want a charger/battery to fit in your wallet? Absofreakinlutely.

Well say hello to the LithiumCard. A spare battery & charger that is only as thick as five credit cards. No cables needed, everything is stored away neatly and tidily within the card itself.

The LithiumCard also has the ability to supercharge your phone in record speeds. With a charge speed of 1% per minute, that twenty minute break could be a life saver.

Add in to that the fact that the LithiumCard can charge your device while also charging its own battery, and we have a shit load of features packed into a beautiful slim body.

Show some support at the IndieGoGo page and look below for the video.

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