Welcome to another What’s Kicking episode, sorry for it being a day late. We have some unique and cool looking projects for you today to take a peek at. We’ve got someone trying to revolutionize the keyboard/mouse/joystick combo, an interesting take on Minecraft and a rather interesting sci-fi game that should make for an exciting experience.

King’s Assembly

Kings Logo

Now the name may sound like a game or medieval book. In actual fact it’s a new and unique way of controlling your games and computers by eliminating the need for several different devices that may take up precious desk space and stop you wasting time moving between different interfaces.

The King’s Assembly combines the movement and control of a mouse, the customization and keys of a keyboard with the universally found advantages of thumb sticks, all in one device that can be used with both hands.

King's Assembly

As you can see, each device can function on its own or paired up for extra control. Your fingers never have to leave the devices and always have access to every key, button or flick of a stick they could need. Imagine using this to play your favourite MMO or Strategy game. It would mean ultra-fast responses and handy ease of access for abilities or menus.

The only down side I can see is the cost. Now it’s not as high as some ridiculous projects we’ve had on here, but the only people I see plonking down cash for this are those who don’t mind spending £70-£80 on a keyboard or mouse.

In that case, head straight over to the campaign page for more details or check below for the Kickstarter video.


We’ve all had our fair share of Minecraft copy cats and let’s be honest, not many of them have ever amounted to much compared to the real thing. Well that may change if Planets3 gets funded.

The game takes a slightly bigger approach to cube building by allowing interplanetary journeys to a solar system of different and exciting worlds. Imagine if Minecraft & Starbound had a baby and called it Planets3.

Each world is a giant cube just waiting to be explored as it orbits the sun, if the game gets enough money to meet a stretch goal or two, you could even find yourself in a universe of worlds to explore.

The basic mechanics mimic Minecraft to the point that crafting and mining are going to be near identical. Though the ability to travel beyond one world and what ever else the developers throw in should make for a nicely entertaining open world game.

Check out the trailer below or jump on the campaign page to show some support.

The UnEarth Initiative

Another sci-fi game is looking for some funding. It does sort of meld parts of Minecraft into a more strategic colony game where you have to look after some misfits who’ve been dumped off world with very little in the way of survival gear.

The game also has a humourous side to it along with its cartoony graphics side.

The trailer below shows how the basics will work and some of what we can expect from this game in the future.

You can support the game on its campaign page.

Past Project Updates:

The Incident: The Incident is the only TV show we’ve ever put on this list and it managed to make us all proud by achieving the goal, by a tiny amount. It still made it though and we can look forward to seeing more of The Incident by the end of the year.


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