Okay folks, got something new and shiny for you this week. I don’t often shout out TV shows or Films as it often takes a lot to impress me. I’m also a rather hard to please sci-fi nerd so that may make it hard for any show or film to get on my good side. Today is an exception, I’ve got a show to bring to your attention, an interesting space colony game and a brilliant idea that could once again revolutionize TV and how we watch it.

The Incident

We need some new sci-fi shows in the modern world, specially as we seem to have very few good shows nowadays on TV.

The Incident is based in a world where a mysterious illness is starting to hit certain cities and the main characters best mate goes missing when Chicago gets hit by this weird illness. Nick, the main character, gets into some trouble after asking one to many questions and him and his companions end up on the run.

The campaign is to help fund the first pilot episode of the series and they’re only asking for a meagre $15,000 with almost $12,000 already raised.

Take a peak at the campaign if you fancy something new and fresh or see below for the campaign video.

Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer aims to create a unique and fresh universe for you to explore. Made by a group of famous astronauts, writers, designers, programmers, artists and architects, you can expect the unexpected and the exciting.

The game will be a mixture of strategy and city building that should prove to be an interesting and if done correctly, scientifically fascinating adventure.

See the campaign page for more details and the trailer for an in depth review of what the finished game should contain.

Mohu Channels

This is my personal favourite this week. I don’t watch a lot of television any more due to adverts, crap shows often dominating the channels and having to wait for what you want. Well over the last couple years we’ve seen a big change in the way we all watch tv. With the internet we have often changed our habits of rushing back from work to catch our favourite show and can now happily really on catch up services or recording boxes to show us our shows when we want instead of when they are on tv.

Well that might change even more now.

Mohu Channels plans to allow the every day user to create their very own tv channels with exactly what they want from all our service providers. Using Mohu Channels you can link Netflix, NBC, Hulu, Youtube or Lovefilm along side tv to create a unique and one of a kind experience.

Fancy finding out more, see the campaign page for more details and the video attached to the page.

Past Project Updates:

Tech Executive Tycoon: It didn’t manage to reach it’s goal with a shortfall of a $1,000. Maybe the devs can reorganise and work on the game some more before attempting to kickstart the game again.

Sabertron: Unfortunately, no matter how cool an idea might be, if somebody isn’t willing to put down money on it, the project will fail.

Well we haven’t had a great week of successful projects but we do have some cool new projects on the horizon.

See you all next week.Th

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