Sorry for missing an episode last week, site movement was the problem though I doubt you guys care too much. Where are the geeky ideas already, I hear you all cry. Down below you’ll find a special new light saber swords that keep track of your health, a new space exploration game and a new open world game.


Let’s start with the one that made you all go, WHAT! GIVE ME! TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

No? Maybe that was just me then. :)

Anyway, the team behind Sabertron are on Kickstarter to help make the first officially complete sets of Sabertron available to the public.

Now the cost is a slight concern coming in at $99 for a set of swords but considering that is for two swords with wireless communication and accelerometers that let you test who is really from the dark side, it’s a bargain for those who have the spare cash.

Imagine battling it out with your best mate or family members, only for your kid to come in and say, strong with the force you both are.

Now for the details. The swords work by displaying a health bar down the side of the handle, each direct hit against the opposing player loses them a health bar. Using wireless communication the swords can differentiate when they make contact with another sword and when they hit a person or object. They even have a bunch of games that can spice the general dual up a bit, like the one hit kill mode.

They also plan on releasing a bunch of extra accessories to go with the original swords. Shields, armour and other weapons along with extra health bars that you wear on your chest to allow multiple player battles.

Check out the campaign video below and pop over to the campaign page to show some support for a cool idea brought to life.

Wayward Terran Frontier

We have a lot of space games on here, I love them and almost everyone is usually unique in its own way.

Wayward Terran Frontier is unique in the aspect that it allows you to be very creative with ship designs, to the point that you can even draw your own ships and import them into the game. That simple.

Now the game also boasts an open and free to explore universe with lots of planets, enemies and opportunities. You’ll also have the option of showing off your fancy designs to your mates during multiplayer matches that can team up groups of people in one game.

The general design may be a little drab, dating back to the old pixel art style but we’ve seen a couple of games go back to this retro look and become fantastic games, so don’t judge the book by its cover.

Check out the trailer below and take a peak at the campaign page as well. You can also try out a free alpha version of the game on the WTFrontier site.


Cradle Screenshot

Now for the really good stuff, not to say that health metered light sabers and space exploration aren’t awesome.

Not only does Cradle attempt a unique and fresh story but the biggest features of Cradle is the simple refresh of many gameplay features that have been left unchanged for what seems like lifetimes.Cradle is an open world action rpg set in a fantasy world and created within the incredible CryEngine.

Cradle hopes to completely revolutionize first person combat with its RealFight Combat system alongside its redesigned movement system. You’ll also be able to experience a well designed gameplay system, rich environments, an emotional experience, diverse ecosystems and dynamic weather. This is a drop in the ocean compared to the many other features of the game but that is the current aim for the finished product.

Now this is going to be a long project with the beta possibly hitting in 2015 while the game should be released in 2016.

It’s difficult to tell with projects like this, whether they are worth the time and money of your investment. The long development time can put people off and sometimes the current game footage isn’t whole enough to really give a feel of what the finished game will be like. Cradle does have some basic gameplay to show off in its kickstarter video that gives you a glimpse but the whole idea does sound promising.

Check out the video below and visit the campaign page to show some love.

Past Projects Update:

So we have a couple of projects for you that I’m happy to say, all passed their goals.

Geek A Week: This project will finish in a couple of hours and has almost doubled what it asked for as a goal. I look forward to seeing some geeky cards being distributed in a store near you.

The Repopulation: Well this MMO certainly has a large group of fans who’ve now helped the developers pass their goal and they can now work on finishing the game for release at the end of year.

Lunar Colony: Asking for $500 and getting $5000 can’t be a bad sign for a spacey building game focused around colony management. I look forward to more news on this project in the future.

FaceRig: Yes, after a lengthy campaign, FaceRig has finished and has done incredibly well for itself. They got three times the requested amount and should be showing off some fantastic work in progress in the near future.

Good day folks and have a wonderfully wet weekend. 😉

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