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For those of you that love the Weapon Brown series, your time is now.

Jason Yungbluth, the creator of Weapon Brown is currently running a Kickstarter to print and make his entire collection of work available in an omnibus containing everything to do with the Weapon Brown. This is your chance to grab a copy for yourself, at a discounted rate while also helping the creator get his work out there and for all to see. The Kickstarter has done really well and has already passed the required amount, though more always helps the cause and pushes the stretch goals even closer to existence.weaponbrowncover

The finished omnibus will contain twelve years of comic book stories, originally published by Death Ray Graphics starring Yungbluth’s eponymous cyborg warrior. It’ll also include additional materials such as skectbook work, a cover gallery and pin ups by talented comic artists including Phil Hester (Green Arrow), Stuart Sayger (Shiver in the Dark, Bionocle), Stephen Notley (Bob the Angry Flower) and Matt Allison (Dark Horse Presents). The finished black & white graphic novel will be nearly 385-pages long.

Yungbluth says, (No coffee table known to man will be able to support its weight. I have had this confirmed by NASA scientists.)

For those of you new to Weapon Brown, the comics are set decades after the earth scorching “Last War.” It stars Chuck, a hard-bitten, hard hittin’ cyborg bounty hunter scratching a living in the toxic wastelands of a ruined world. And while Chuck crosses paths with the doom troopers and mutants common to post-apocalyptic stories, Weapon Brown offers something never before seen in the genre.

“Every character is a lampoon of a famous figure from the history of newspaper comic strips,” says Yungbluth. And although he will not disclose which characters are which, it will be hard not to identify nearly every famous face that has ever graced the funny pages, from Orphan Annie to Popeye to Garfield.

Well that opens the story up a little with some rather humorous commentary from the creator himself. If you want a copy of the omnibus or just want to support the cause, head on over to the Kickstarter page.

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