The Red Solstice is a game that’s been around awhile. The developers have worked with gamers for almost a year now, testing it, critiquing it and improving the entire experience to be the best co-op game available.

The game focuses around 8 player squads surviving on a not so dead Planet, called Mars. (You should now it!)

By working in a team, (in the matches I’ve played,) your main objective is to keep each other alive until extraction. Depending on the length of the match you choose, that could be between thirty minutes and an hour. In which time you’ll encounter a variety of enemies that have evolved or devolved due to a contagious virus. Earth has already been evacuated in the hope that the few survivors who could get off Earth could keep the species alive. A hundred and seventeen years later and an unknown but violent storm has cut off communication with the capital city of Mars, Tharsis.

Your job is to find out what’s going on, and if possible, survive to relay that information back to your superiors.

Now is the time where the average gamer needs to get involved. As most Indie games eventually end up, the team behind The Red Solstice need extra funds to finish the project.

Now normally I would have included this with my usual weekly show but I think it deserves more than that. I’ve played the game in an early version awhile ago and it definitely has promise to become a very unique and fulfilling experience with friends or strangers.

This is certainly a new and much more hardcore take on co-op Gameplay that could, if funded well, spread from the PC to Mac, Linux, tablets or even consoles. I’d certainly love playing this on my new PS4. Wouldn’t you?

What it needs now is for fans of Strategy, RPG, Action & Co-op genres to come together and support a new entry into the PC Indie gaming space.

The campaign has started today and needs you, yep you, to get in on the action and kill some superhuman critters. Check it out here and check out the campaign video while you’re there.

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