This is what I’m talking about. You’re not even holding it right.

So I’ve been tossing around the idea behind this article for quite a while now. I’ve been away with work taking most of my time, any opportunity I get to play some of the games tends to get ruined or at least difficult  by the same flaw.

I also know it is just about holiday time, which means people getting to experience new games that they might not be able to during the year. These two things combined tend to magnify the issue with modern gaming. It isn’t the software developers, it isn’t the console wars, it isn’t even the bugs showing up in new AAA games and consoles. No, the largest issue with modern-day gaming has nothing to do with the games themselves. The issue is the people playing the games.

I know, I know, this sounds like grumpy old man syndrome (henceforth known as GOMS) but hear me out. Let’s use good ole’ Call of Duty: Ghosts as an example.  One of my only gripes with the game is the people playing it. For once, I think Infinity Ward got the game right on the first try. Sure there are some balance issues, but the community playing it is the main problem.

I don’t know how many full games I’ve played because the enemy team seems to ‘rage quit’ and force a forfeit win any time I’m having a good game. I’ve had plenty of bad games, don’t get me wrong, but very few good, full length games.

In the process, you’ll hear the enemy team complaining how cheap the game is, or how bad the lag is… stuff like that on why they lost. Again, I’m happy to finally have my bullets count in a CoD game instead of having some kind of lag compensation or poor netcode hurting my top-tier internet.

The game is just fine… the people playing it, make it difficult to enjoy.

Since many of you may not play CoD, I’ll go ahead and pick a second option that is a far cry from the genre.

Sonic: Lost World. Have you played it yet? It was a pretty delightful game, in my opinion at least. Well it just got a patch to make it easier… What? It wasn’t that hard to begin with. My 8-year-old nephew and I beat it in a weekend with almost 100% completion. But so many people complained that it was too hard that Nintendo went ahead and made it easier and gave you more lives (an unnecessary addition for anyone with two thumbs) to pacify them.

This isn’t a Nintendo kind of thing to do, but I guess times, they are a-changin’.

One more example you say? I’d be happy to. Grand Theft Auto 5. You are aware that this is an M rated game that allows you to pick up hookers in a stolen car, bang them, then get out and beat them down with a baseball bat. After that, you can have a few drinks until your screen and controls are all but useless, jump into a stolen Bugatti, head on down to the strip club while playing ‘bowling for pedestrians’ with a few stacks of sticky bombs on the hood that you blow up as you plow into an oncoming SWAT van. I think I just described one of the tamer moments I’ve had playing the game. The multiplayer gets more ridiculous with stolen military jets and team mates to assist in the rampage.

Yeah, let’s go ahead and pick this one up for little Johnny’s 8th birthday. People just don’t think anymore. They aren’t aware that other people are playing the game as well. Or that this might be inappropriate for a certain audience. But hey, who am I to judge how you use the game you bought with your hard-earned money? I’m probably guilty of something you find entirely offensive to your gaming session. Like prying you out of your camping spot with some well tossed C4.

Shame on me.

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Matt grew up gaming from a early age, just soaking in the whole experience of it. Now he works as a Biomedical Engineer while maintaining a personal YouTube channel dedicated to gaming and science at

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  1. Alexander Bradley
    Alexander Bradley

    Hey Matt, nice to see you return with some fire in your belly.

    I agree 100%, online games can easily be ruined by the other players involved.

    I’m not a big fan of the new Xbox but I have to admit, the feature to allow players who are alike play together sounds great in theory. Whether it works is down to MS but if it does, I see it coming to other online systems too.

    That way all the quieter’s can be shoved together while people who play fair with normal use of English can enjoy their game without interruption. P.s. eight year olds only usually get a game like GTA because their parents give in to them. We need better parenting along with stricter control and more information for parents when buying a game in store for their kid.


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