With the desire to watch something which wasn’t thought-provoking and after wanting to see it for a while and I recently viewed the Lego Movie. Clearly directed at a younger audience, the film tells the story of ordinary brick construction worker Emmet who gets thrown into a whole different world after finding a piece of resistance. Emmet is chased by the police acting on behalf of evil Lord Business who needs the piece to freeze the Lego world however acquaintances Wyldstyle and Vitruvius help protect him so that he can stop that from happening.
The main character Emmet was voiced by Chris Pratt (from the hilarious and heartening Parks and Recreation) and he brought the little Lego guy to life. Which I imagine can be difficult in a voice acting part when you really only have one tool to your disposal.

The amount characters voiced by A List celebrities was astonishing and endless. These included Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Cobie Smoulders and Will Forte. This was impressive considering any unknown but experienced actor could have been in the role and the target audience probably wouldn’t have noticed.

I don’t really know what I was expecting with this movie but it was very offbeat; the story line was good but maybe a little over complicated. The film tried very hard to be funny with the dialogue but the jokes were lacking. It was the visual stuff that had more comic value and where there should have been more focused.

The onscreen ‘cameo but not a cameo’ by Will Ferrell was surprising and kind of odd. As with all children’s movies it is kept relatively short but when you feel like you are getting into the story a whole new surprise element is brought in and you see some live action scenes. Don’t get me wrong these all fit together and the film is concluded well with a heart-warming ending but it just didn’t fit as smoothly as it could of.

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The Lego Movie Review
Remember however that I am adult female reviewing this, if you were to get the opinions of my young godsons who are slaves to colourful things I’m sure they would have rated it as epic. Bumped up slightly by the amount of famous actors in it, 5/10.
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  1. OddSocksUK

    I respect your review and can see where your coming from, i did enjoy it myself but i am just a big kid who loves the Lego games and films so i’d rate it much higher but as you say from an adults view it is a waste of money throwing in loads of celeb actors for a kids film

  2. Kelly

    Thanks oddsocks, I know what you mean. This was the first Lego film I’ve watched so do you recommend any of the others?

    • OddSocksUK

      not sure how to use the site still sorry, but not really for you but for the kids they are great. i liked LEGO Batman The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite watched it with my little brother and we both loved it


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