I got my PS4 last week. I was one happy dude when I got back and managed to unpack it, set it up and played with its cool little gadgets.

Now, one week on exactly, am I still playing it? Damn right I am. Why? Well, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero might be a huge overpriced demo but fortunately enough, the PS4 has some surprises in store for us gamers.

I don’t think this has ever happened with a console and can only really be said to be true for PC’s for the last 5-8 years. Games can now be found for free, downloaded, played and enjoyed without spending a penny of real cash. Now for most people this may seem boring, often mobile free games are awful and PC games often have been played before, usually during the launch of that particular game. After all, we gamers get around a lot.

However, think of it this way. I unpack my PS4 and the only physical game I have is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero. After completing that in an hour, much to my surprise as well as everybody else’s. What do I have left for my new shiny toy? Well that’s the beauty of the internet and modern games. They keep evolving and changing to become better and more than they once were.

So after playing my measly £25 demo of Metal Gear, I was open to the wonders of Free To Play games. Admittedly, I’d already tried DC Universe, Warframe & Blacklight before, either on PC or PS3, but they were all available for the PS4 for free, along with War Thunder & my months PS+ title, Dead Nation.

Now War Thunder has surprised me considerably by how much fun it is. It’s one hell of a blast and makes great work of the PS4 hardware for the fantastic visuals. All of the rest of the games are also a bunch of fun, that even after a week, I’m still coming back for more, often wondering which game to start with first.

I, personally, have never come across a console that has so much potential and fun from the beginning. Often with new consoles, your stuck with your launch titles while you wait for the bigger and better games. The hardware can often go for months without a peep of use. Now however, we have a console generation that has much more to give, right from the starting gates. Think of it this way. Instead of me getting home and having one game, I in fact had six games right from the start. Six games that appeal to shooters, action, simulator, rpg and zombie fans. Something that covers most basis when it comes to genres and gives plenty of new things to try for the console gamers.

The only downside to this great new generation, is the lack of Microsoft’s effort in this area. Yes they have Killer Instinct, if you can consider that a free to play game, instead of a demo. Project Spark is due to be free to play when launched but otherwise, where are the games? When a PS4 can be brought home and enjoyed for several weeks by spending next to nothing, what is the Xbox Ones excuse for not having the same functionality?

I do hope MS learn from this, as a selling point, this is one of my strongest positive sides for the PS4. You can enjoy it from start to finish without any gaps in the framework. Yeah, you may have to wait for that killer game to come out, but you have stuff to keep you busy and at the pretty cost of N.O.T.H.I.N.G. who could complain about that?

My only downsides so far for the PS4, is the lack of trailers & demos. I really hoped that when we moved over to the next gen, we’d have ample trailers attached to the console store fronts for every game, and a demo to boot. Unfortunately, as we speak, the current amount of demo’s on the PS4 store is three, two sports games and a Lego Marvel demo. Well done Sony. People want to be able to easily see what a games like and try it out themselves. I do hope this is fixed to at least match something like Steams trailer and picture slideshow.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this article on the PS4. What do you guys think? Have you enjoyed the wide range of games from the start?

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