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I’m going to start off by saying I loved it, I really loved it and have been raving about it since; even telling colleagues who don’t like the cinema to go and watch.

As we have seen in the previous Spiderman movies, the main super villain Electro (Jamie Foxx) is created by having an accident – which could have been avoided! – and falling into a tank of electric eels. He then gets quite angry and decides to ruin New York City in the process. It is up to Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) with Gwen Stacey’s (Emma Stone) help to try to stop not only him but also an old friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) who decides to have a bit of a funny turn. Peter Parker has a lot to deal with including an emotional storyline with Gwen in which he is plagued by visions of her late father wishing him to stay away to ensure her safety.

Max Dillion turns from bumbling scientist to scary Electro and with his new electricity handling powers creates genuinely terrifying situations. The scene where he wreaks havoc at Times Square got me so involved that I started seriously thinking about how scary it would be if that really happened.

I had a bit of a bad start with Harry Osborn and felt he wasn’t having much impact however he then gets a bit sassy and edgy which I liked. When he transformed into a baddie with really weird hair and I went full circle and didn’t like the presentation again. It felt like DeHaan was underplaying the Green Goblin role. However that probably wasn’t his fault as his ‘evil’ scenes did feel a bit rushed and it seemed like a lot of his scenes had been cut.  I’m guessing this was definitely needed as the film ended up at 2 hours 22 minutes long! Although it did fly by as I was enjoying it so much. Suggestions of another film are set up at the conclusion and Harry Osborn is featured in that so I’m sure we’ll get to see more of his evil side.

I need to commend both of the enemies (Electro and Goblin) on their ability to see the obvious. Too many times I have watched superhero films where the secrets are very clear to the baddies but they take hours to realise; these two were very quick. It helped the movie move along quicker. The jokes are great but some lines are a bit cheesy due to the 12A certificate but it all fit really well.

Unlike me, this is the first 3D film I have seen in ages and only saw it with the glasses due to it being opening night and the 2D sessions were incredibly busy. The 3D did add something and there was one scene where Jamie Foxx comes right at the screen which made my heart jump. Nevertheless I think it would be just as enjoyable in 2D.

My male friend said he would give it a lower score that I have so I’m going to admit that I might have enjoyed it more because of the chemistry between real life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Saying that, Andrew Garfield seemed to have onscreen chemistry with everyone he came into contact with which was really fun to watch.

Fun fact, I was informed that Spiderman first makes his appearance in an X Men comic which has excited fans at the prospect that the two series might combine in an Avengers/Superman VS Batman way. It might bring meaning to the weirdly placed scene about 30 seconds into the credits. No scenes after the full credits so don’t wait around.

The only criticism I had was that the music seemed a little out of place. Others might not notice it but I felt on some scenes the weird drum and bass pieces were a little distracting. Although music credit was given to Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr (The Smiths), both who I really like so might need to watch it again (oh well!) just to pick out their contributions.

I walked out wanting to see it again but also wanting to re-watch the first one so well done Marvel/Sony, well done. I also realised how terrible Tobey Maguire was in Sam Rami’s trilogy…

LOVED it 9/10

Just to note the trailers were in 3D as well and Godzilla, well that just looks terrifying….can’t wait!

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  1. Bryan

    I liked the appearance of the Goblin more than the mechanic suit thing of the older movies.

    Overall I really enjoyed the movie. I gave it an 8/10 because the flow was rather… discombobulated. I understand the slow parts were necessary, but a lot of the transitions felt jarring and I realized this as I was watching the movie which is never a good thing.


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