For my first Post on AGR I wanted to give my readers something to think about as well as give a little insight into my life as a gamer. On that note, what’s better than an article that not only details what I will predominantly be posting about (gaming) but shows just one of the problems that gamers have to deal with in today’s world.

So, what are your first impressions when you think of the word “gamer”? Geeky boy with glasses? Fat slob who sits on the sofa munching crisps all day? The reality is that gamers come in all sorts of different forms. Sure, the previous stereotypes exist, but in my experience, the bulk of gamers i have interacted with, either in-person or online, are just your average person. No different from myself. They take a solid interest in gaming but they still work for a living, go to the gym and the majority have girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/children. I am not so sure how many of those are happy to shout that they are a gamer from the rooftops though. Video games are blamed for plenty of the worlds problems and quite frankly people are embarrassed to tell work colleges or friends that they are a gamer and that’s wrong.

With gaming being pretty much as big as it has ever been, I found myself thinking about the type of people who play video games. The way I see it, there is 3 different types of gamers. Casual, social and hardcore.  I am a hardcore gamer. Gaming is at the core of my body. I follow gaming news religiously, I queue up at various stores waiting to get my hands on copies of games and i constantly obsess to people about my current gaming feats or upcoming games.  A lot of my friends fall into the Casual or Social categories. They only play when they are at a mates house or they spend a lot of their time doing other stuff. They go out with their mates with their mates to a pub/club or maybe play football every night of the week and only play games casually. Video games can be played by anyone but a large portion of the world seem to think gamers are socially inept, lonely people who can’t get a girlfriend and isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

The problem with this gamer stereotype is that it has come from the media. Tabloid reporters and scapegoat Politicians, all trying to blame video games for violent acts all around the globe. Steal a car – then you must have played GTA. Punch a guy in the face – maybe you have a WWE game in your collection. Use an assault rifle – then you must have played so much Call of Duty, it has warped your mind to the point where you have snapped and decided run into the nearest McDonald’s and demanded 500 Happy Meals armed with an AK-47. Satire aside, video games are not and will never be to blame for violence. I’m sure there are cases where a child has seen something in a game and copied it, and even an adult has bound to have copied something but video games have age-rating for a reason . If a game is called Grand Theft Auto, and has pictures of guns/blood/violence on the back of the cover, you probably shouldn’t buy that game for your little 10 year old son for his birthday.

Violence is not the only problem on the planet attributed to video games, obesity is another one. “That’s why child obesity is at an all time high, all kids go straight home when they finish school and play the latest Call At Battlefield game”. Everyone seems to think that all children do nowadays is sit at home and play video games. There are plenty of children who go out and play sports with their mates or participate in school clubs. The trick to avoid child obesity is not to stop them playing games, it’s to educate them on how to lead a healthy life. There are plenty of articles that suggest gaming helps mental attributes such as awareness and problem solving and people should not be so quick to dismiss gaming and all of the things in which it can benefit a child. Video games may contribute towards an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as violence, but ultimately, the video games industry is not to blame for a lack of education given to children and in a lot of cases, poor parenting.

I know that stereotyping is everywhere. I haven’t lived a sheltered life, I know it exists, but its existence within video games just goes to show how deep the problems of the world go. Video games are designed to be fun, if everyone can’t play them there is no place in this world for them. For me though, the best thing about video games is that literally ANYONE can play them. People are quick to judge gamers when they meet them, but take a look on your Facebook or pick up your phone. How often do you play games like Candy Crush,  Bejeweled or Angry Birds? Playing these makes you a gamer too. So welcome to our world – Try not to slingshot a bird into a window whilst your here….

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