We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for some Steam Sharing action and now its possible for every one of us to enjoy.

Steam has now opened the Family Sharing feature up to include all Steam users.

That means we can all now share our massive game collections with our family members and closest friends, with some limitations.

The idea itself sounds great but it does have a few drawbacks that will hopefully get tweaked over time. The major one is the fact that only one person can use your library at a time, not one game per person but one library per person. Say I share my library with my mate Sean, while he’s playing say, Civ 5, I can’t play any games on my account without kicking him off my library.

So although it’s almost a throw back to the good old days of borrowing games, we’ll have to get used to the idea of borrowing out the bookcase along with the one game someone wants to play.

We’ll have to see how this evolves over time but it certainly is the first step to making digital games much more social than before.

Check out the Steam Family Sharing page for details on how to share your library with friends.

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