With so many games currently coming out, some not properly finished, it’s a nice treat when you encounter a developer who’s really good at timing development cycles so they keep current fans interested while also providing a stable and enjoyable experience at all times.

Starpoint Gemeni 2 has been on Early Access for some time now and is certainly getting put through its paces with us sci-fi fans.

Well, Little Green Man Games have decided to lift the lid on the alpha and pour in the beta goodness.

This does mean that new features are not being added to the To Do List, but anything currently on it is still a focus alongside balancing, bug fixing and general polish.

We should start seeing some real depth being added to the game past it’s already brilliant combat mechanics and exploration. The main story and side missions will add a lot of the missing content that at the moment, made the game feel slightly empty.

The beta stage will launch very soon, to accompany that there will be a few changes.

The game, once in beta, will not be including the original game alongside it.
The price of the game will increase slightly, though a 33% offer is currently on until the 17th of March.
And as mentioned above, entering into beta does not mean the game will not get any new features, the new features will simply be limited to the ones currently short listed.

We’ve also got some new screenshots to show you below.

See you soon, in space preferably.

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