Most of us have a special place in our heart for Star Trek. It is the one thing that many different geeks & nerds can often have in common. The sounds of the buttons, the wush of the doors, even that fake Scottish accent from our favourite engineer. Star Trek has moulded several generations of people since it started in the late sixties and other than, what I would consider a dumbed down, action orientated new set of films, we don’t have anything like it running today.

Some people will of course argue with this but it is still non the less true. Star Trek not only invented gadgets and technology that we now have in our hands today, (tablets and phones are two examples), forty years ago, but it also instilled something in us that often made us better people. Morals that taught us why it was better to be good rather than bad. We have some great TV to this day, but a lot of it is simply entertainment without an underlying purpose. It’s the same reason some of the early Disney films are enjoyable by both children and parents. There was something in the movie/tv show that drew and entertained both audiences, while simultaneously teaching us about ourselves. Why is it bad to kill? Why should I risk my life to save someone else’s? Why should I treat others with respect?

A group of volunteer actors and crew are able and willing to finish what Gene Roddenberry never got too. The final two seasons of the original series could be done and dusted if this Kickstarter campaign gets funded with the help of us willing fans of the series. Not only have they done a Kickstarter video and rewards for each backing tier, but they’ve also already completed the first episode. Embedded below could be the future Star Trek that makes us proud. I’ve seen it and I’ve enjoyed it. Lets help these people make it happen, cap’t.

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Alexander Bradley

Alex was born a geek to a geek family, so he has a passion for anything sci-fi related. He runs AGR in his spare time. Gaming, reading and writing sci-fi stories means he has very little spare time, though he makes it a point to get back to every comment, if possible.

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  1. Will Wright

    If only they could take a page out of NPR’s & Public TV’s playbook and find a private Angel Investor willing to “match funds” of other contributors – “dollar for dollar”? If only…..

  2. C Russeau

    Vic got his start working on Star Trek Phase 2/New Voyages. A fact he blatantly omits while he’s bad mouthing them. They were first and taught Vic everything he knew about building the sets, lighting, replicating the lighting techniques used on the original series, etc. There are several vids on YouTube with Vic talking about the P2 shows from several years ago when he was actually grateful for the time he spent with them. And they’ve been around for over ten years (with five episodes already out). If it wasn’t for the agreements P2 made with the owners of the Trek franchise, STC wouldn’t even be able to be in production. That’s who people should be contributing to. Do a little research AGR.

    • Alexander Bradley
      Alexander Bradley

      I didn’t know that. Sorry. I haven’t been able to keep up with much fan made trek in awhile.

      It still doesn’t change the fact that they are doing this without any major form of payment for the main actors. It also means we’ll be getting a slightly more professional Star Trek back on the air, or internet for that matter.

    • Joshua

      I would like to also point out that actually they have 8 episodes released.
      Pilot Come What May (the one that most of the staff wish they could erase, but Enterprise crew loved it!)
      2, In Harms Way (with Walter Windom and Barbara Luna)
      3. To Serve All My Days (with Walter Keonig along with Mary Linda Rapelye and written by TOS writer DC Fontana)
      4. World Enough And Time (Marc Zicree directed/co-wrote, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, and Majel Roddenberry) panel
      5. Blood And Fire part 1 (written by Hugo award winner (Martian Child) and trek alumni (Trouble with Tribbles) writer David Gerrold
      6. Blood And Fire part 2 (with Denise Crosby playing Tasha’s great grandma)
      7. Enemy Starfleet (with Barbara Luna from TOS Mirror Mirror)
      8. The Child (originally written for phase 2 in the 70’s but was re-written for TNG)

  3. Christopher Brent

    C. Russeau makes a very valid point in his aforementioned comments.

    Star Trek Continues is nothing more than a petty and spiteful form of revenge against the hard working professionals at Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II. This personal vendetta that Vic Mignogna and the Farragut Films people have is not only disgusting in nature, but it is also an offense against the ideals, beliefs, principles, and ethics that the late Gene Roddenberry set forth in his original space odyssey.

    Vic’s actions, along with the staff at Starship Farragut have not only set back production on Starship Ajax(an Oklahoma City based production), and some Phase 2 episodes, but they have also been quite illegal in nature. Something that the following links will point out.​showthread.php?t=133657&pag​e=53

    Vic and the Farragut Films staff are nothing more than a bunch of dishonest and abusive people, liars, crooks, thieves, and robbers. ST fans should not waste their time watching this P2 rip-off and bastardization of TOS. It’s not worth wasting the viewers’ time over.

    • Alexander Bradley
      Alexander Bradley

      As one of your links doesn’t work, two have nothing bad to say about Vic or the crew and the last one is simply a dispute between colleagues, I would say you have little evidence.

      Maybe things aren’t as good as advertised but that doesn’t mean you can start bad mouthing the crew and cast because of personal reasons without some hard proof that they have done some serious damage to other teams and information on the whole story. You may say they did this, they may say you did something before hand.

      All I know is were getting more trek and I look forward to it.

      • Will Wright

        To: Christopher Brent. I have to agree with Alex. You have posted some very unkind, strong negative words, personally attacking Vic’s character in a public form while taking shots at both the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues by insulting and calling them slanderous names. Your words sound hostel and hate filled in nature, as if you have a personal vendetta against these people. I’ve never read ANY article or post by any member of Star Trek Phase II/ New Voyages that makes the claims that you have written here. If this is the way that you feel, you are certainly entitled to your opinion of course, however, that’s all it is. To say something like “Trek fans should not waste their time watching this P2 rip-off and bastardization of TOS. It’s not worth wasting the viewers’ time over.” is certainly nothing more than an opinion no matter how you spin it, and as far as your accusations go, where is your proof? I’ve never seen a video where Vic “bad mouths” New Voyages.” The Farragut Films people have also been making the “Starship Farragut” series for quite a while. I find it Ironic that you should say that, and these are your words, “This personal vendetta that …………..people have is not only disgusting in nature, but it is also an offense against the ideals, beliefs, principles, and ethics that the late Gene Roddenberry set forth.” If indeed you didn’t have an agenda, you become the offender by throwing the 1st stone.

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