This is again a bit of a late one as it was released in February 2014 but watched it recently and with Robocop being a recognisable name in the geek world, I thought I’d write a quick review.

A reboot of the 1987 original, Joel Kinnaman takes on the role of Robocop, half man half cop. It’s the year 2028 and robot soldiers are seen to be the future and ensure the public’s safety. However testing of the soldiers is proving dangerous and controversial. Joel Kinnaman takes on the role of Robocop, half man half cop after a horrific incident whilst trying to track down a crime boss.

The part when you see Alex Murphy, Robocop, for the first time after he is incorporated into the cop suit is pretty harrowing and horrific to see. It made me want to look away so I’m not sure how the younger fans might react. Maybe I just had a squeamish moment – let me know your thoughts on this scene in the comments below.

Also Alex Murphy was obviously very disturbed to be waking up in a tin can yet they only dwelled on his shock and despair for like a second and quickly moved onto the next scene where he is in training. It gave the impression that he was ‘ok with it all’ when in reality I’m sure you would grieve for a bit longer! The storyline pushes the idea that a Robocop could easily be incorporated into the public and this is a plausible idea but it wasn’t conveyed and through the film parts did seem unrealistic and farfetched.

I really like Abbie Cornish (who plays Robocop’s wife) as an actress so was a bit disappointed that she was just ‘ok’ in this, however I’m sure you are getting the feeling that I didn’t like the film so blame the people who revamped it for her acting. Can’t fault Gary Oldman, he’s a dude and always executes good performances. If anything his presence made me think about watching Air Force One again so that’s cool but that also highlights how easy it was for my mind to wander whilst watching the film. Michael Keaton does his typical bolshie performance and Samuel L Jackson also stars but feels a little misplaced.

Robocop Review
Remakes are always worth a look but do this when you've exhausted all other options. If you haven’t seen the original with Peter Weller, prioritize it over this. Sorry guys, pretty bad for me 2/10 .
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