I have a love/hate relationship with horror movies – I’m interested and want to see them however I am such a scaredy cat that I need someone there with me to hide behind. As the Paranormal Activity films are a bit of a geeky/cult franchise I thought I would put a review up.

The Paranormal Activity movies do get a bad rep for being a bit of a sell out. I agree that the sequels have taken away from the scariness of the first one as I was genuinely terrified however the running story throughout the films is orchestrated well.

I wasn’t too bothered about seeing this new one because it felt like a separate film to the series, instead of being called Paranormal Activity 5 this is treated as a ‘spin off’ as it is set with a different ‘victim’ in a different location. However the trailers did entice me in and I’m so glad I did. The film actually plays a vital role to the other movies and left me thinking how disappointed I would be if I hadn’t gone to see it.

The story starts with Jesse graduating from high school and enjoying life. When he and his comedic best friend Hector spy on their downstairs neighbour Anna they discover items of witchcraft and soon after Jesse starts to experience some weird symptoms.

Different to the other films which were filmed with a static camera, this one is hand held and before readers sigh, it is actually ok. There is no ‘Blair Witch’ vibe and no motion sickness.

The reappearance of Ali Rey from PA2 was really enjoyable although it was short-lived and she did not have much on screen time at all.

The film, as with the rest builds and builds and it is hard not to get nervous. The tension in the cinema screen was intense to the point that people screamed at a simple door handle turning.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Review
Director Christopher Landon did very well by answering some questions to the joy of fans but left enough unanswered to draw people back for PA5 in October 2014. The ending was a clever little twist which will leave you unsettled and questioning the possibilities of witchcraft.
9Overall Score
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