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This is focused on the two main parties at the moment, Sony and Microsoft.

Okay, so we love our games, we don’t like having to pay more than we feel is adequate for those new shiny games. So when both big companies announced that games would be staying the same price but including the lower brackets of pricing more, you could imagine the excitement and relief some of us let out at hearing exactly what we hoped to hear.

However, so far I’ve seen little evidence to back up either of their claims. If you take a look at Game’s site, one of the biggest game retailers in the UK you’ll find almost all the games with pricing state £54.99 or above with some hitting £59.99, (looking at you, you greedy COD!)

I’ve doubled check this info on the web only to find many sites claiming this price is an estimate and will be adjusted before final sales are launched. Sorry, did I just hear bullshit. I think I did.

This isn’t the fucking 90’s where internet access is limited and information has to travel through the god damn postal service. NO! They said top price point of $60, which for us should equate to £45 which has since become the relative norm for games in the UK.

So why the fuck hasn’t it been changed. Surely they know by now the exact price they wish to put on selected games, surely this information has been politely detailed to the relevant retailers so they can keep an accurate record and update us, the smegging fuckers who are buying the smegging games.nerd-rage_design

Sorry for my language. I’m usually very reserved but I seem to have this smell of bullshit lingering around me and I’m getting tired of it.

So far Sony has been the big one to impress me, though I don’t understand why such a forward approach with  the PS4 hasn’t been extended to the games as well.

Maybe it’s the retailers fault for not updating it fast enough, if so, why should I shop somewhere that can’t be arsed to give me correct information? If however, it’s the overpaid  jockeys at the top that have different plans for game pricing than what they’ve let out to the public, be wary. MS learnt their lesson the hard way with DRM, do not make the same mistake twice.

We, the fans, are the people who buy your games, your consoles, your overpriced accessories because we love games. We don’t buy consoles for TV, we certainly don’t buy consoles to be ripped off at every turn. There is a reason for a console to exist. It’s to bridge the gap between high-end PC gaming  and cheap mobile gaming. That is all we want it for, to play games. If it comes to the point that PC gaming becomes more feasible than console gaming does, guess what, many of us may just jump ship permanently. Steam is a fantastic service that rewards gamers more than any of the three big console makers. Why should we not wonder over to their service even more than we already do and game on it for the rest of this disgraceful console cycle.

Let me know what you guys think of this big old mess. You are the reason games are still created because you are the market that buys them. Tell me if you think the price is too much . For our gaming brothers and sisters abroad, let me know if the same sort of pricing is happening in your local shops.

Update: As ABBERJAM said below, EA yesterday announced their titles would be released at the RRP of £54.99 for all next generation titles. Whether that is temporary or permanent is for time to tell us.

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  1. Abberjam

    EA have already confirmed an RRP of £54.99 for all their next-gen titles ( ). You can almost guarantee we will see the same shit that we did at the start of this Gen. Premium next-gen prices for 6 months, eventually settling back down to reach parity with previous gen. More than likely to help cover the cost of launching a new generation which has an initially smaller user-base. As always the early adopters will be the ones that suffer most, but on the plus side we get first dibs at all the cool new shit.

    • Alexander Bradley
      Alexander Bradley

      Yeah, they just confirmed that yesterday. The trouble is EA aren’t known for their honesty or generosity. If the new generation does pick up a decent user base, EA may well keep the new pricing structure to exploit as much cash as possible. They’ve proven over many years that they couldn’t give to FF’s about gamers, just what we keep in our wallet.


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