I’ve personally never heard of this game but after watching the trailer with live acting, I thought it was worth a mention.

Now it looks like an RPG First Person Shooter MMO set in a post apocalyptic Earth after several rather devastating solar flares have brought humanity to the brink of extinction. The trailer shows a world where the strong survive and the unprepared die. The Earth is no longer man’s domain, instead, its owned by our evolutionary brethren. A species that evolved from the last solar flares effects and has now started hunting the remaining humans.

Now that is a story that I can easily like and want to play. Check it out on Steam and of course the live action trailer is below.

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Alexander Bradley

Alex was born a geek to a geek family, so he has a passion for anything sci-fi related. He runs AGR in his spare time. Gaming, reading and writing sci-fi stories means he has very little spare time, though he makes it a point to get back to every comment, if possible.

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  1. Matt Somerville

    I picked this up a few days ago. It has a pretty strong feel of Day-Z meets Left 4 Dead. I’m really interested to see how it develops because it could definitely be an awesome game.

    • Alexander Bradley
      Alexander Bradley

      Is it worth picking up in its current format or should I wait for it to develop a little more. I’m more than a fan of Early Access games so bugs and such don’t bother me much.

      Must admit, I loved the trailer to this game. Really made it stand out for me.


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