Yes you heard me correctly. MS are getting rid of the family accounts for Xbox Gold and instead will be giving each user a separate gold account with three extra months of free gold for the hassle.

This means you’ll be losing your family features like allocating points to your group of users, which will officially cease to exist when the currency exchange comes in, as well as activity monitoring and reports. This has to be because they’ve announced the new gold system for the holy One that allows one person to have gold and share it with everyone on the system.

The problem is, that’s the system for the new console. What do the current families who have 360’s do for family gold?

Guess MS didn’t think that through, or don’t care.

Well the changes will be hitting on the 27th of August so make sure your ready. I presume the new single accounts will have recurring payments set on by default so if you don’t want one huge bill, I would recommend you check each account and change it to off till your ready to pay the whopping bill again in the future.


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