Mechwarrior Online has been in beta since October of last year. Having run for almost a year in its current state, often being patched up with new features and bug fixes from time to time, the player base is currently at 1.1 million registered users.

If you haven’t tried the game out, you should. It’s free to play, though you’ll need a meaty machine to run the game, even on minimal settings. You can of course purchase points within the game that allow you extra mech chassis and weapons, though entry into their founders club ended some time ago. They raised $5.5 million from the founders packages that has helped the game become the finished beast it is.

Some stats were release at the same time as the date announcement of the fully released game as you can see down the side.

This is certainly one for the Battletech and Mechwarrior fans out there. The game is a great remake of a classic which certainly didn’t feel simplified when I played the game.

So when is this game coming out in full, well that would be September 17th. Hope to see you stomping some poor soul into the dirt on release day, just watch out for that Atlas, he’ll tear you a new one.

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