Another day, another campaign. Last Jungle In Sector 17 is slightly different however.

You’ve probably guessed I’m a trekkie by the fact almost all the campaigns I back are space related, and you would be very correct. Who doesn’t like blasting aliens or commanding ships in the vastness of space.

This game gives you both, though at the moment it doesn’t have a lot of commanding to do.

The game is done in a similar style to asteroid, from the top down you control a small fighter with the task of protecting an abandoned space station controlled by an AI over a hundred years old. At first glance the game could be mistaken for a simple flash game but as you play, more is revealed. A interesting plot begins to unfold with larger enemy forces trying to destroy your station without much provocation other than I war that’s been raging for many years. The story slowly unfolds as you, (the pilot,) and the AI have chats about the current on going events in between waves of enemies.

Along the demo you’ll get the ability to hire allied ships and place turrets to help fend of the increasing numbers you’ll face until the boss eventually shows his face. Boy is he a bugger to take out.

Said to be in the full game but not in the demo, is the comic strips that pull the story onward along with the space chat you read inside the game. This will hopefully be incorporated in the game later on in development.

This isn’t a preview by the way. The game unfortunately isn’t finished enough for that at the moment, which is why the devs are currently asking for some helping hands in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. What the game is at the moment is a bundle of challenges and enjoyment well mixed to test your reflexes and your focus.

I’m not saying this is going to be the greatest game this year or ever. What I’m saying is this is an interesting and unique take on a genre long dead in many peoples eyes. I had fun playing the demo, that they have open to anyone, I would recommend you guys try it and see what you think. Pledges for the finished game aren’t a lot and with the support of you guys we could even get the game on to Steam.


Steam Greenlight

Game Demo

If that isn’t enough to convince you to even take a peak, well look below to see exactly what you’ll be missing.

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