There has been a big buzz in the gaming community lately about a game known as Dark Matter, made by Iceberg Interactive. It has officially been pulled from both the Steam store and due to reports by users that the game is ‘incomplete’ and has no ending… What? You’re trying to tell me that a game was released that didn’t have an ending?

Nope, and we aren’t talking about the controversial Mass Effect 3 ending from when the game was released and then corrected later. (I know corrected is a loose term here) This game quite literally has no ending. Eventually in the process of playing and advancing the storyline, the player will eventually come to a ‘To Be Continued’ area and left with a certain level of disappointment.

The head of Iceberg Interactive says they are in the process of ‘remedying the situation’ and an ending is in the works, but almost all the developers were laid off earlier this year, so it is being done by a third party and may not follow the original design aspirations.

Because of all this, the game was officially pulled from Steam and GOG after only one day of being available and has no predicted return. As of right now, the failure is being blamed on a failed KickStarter campaign that only raised about 12% of the requested capital and left a huge gap to be filled moving forward.

Obviously, this puts the game in  very difficult position moving forward if it even does get its full release. Personally, I’m not sure how many people will be willing to pick it up after this utter failure. So let us know in the comments, did you fall victim to this caveat emptor situation? We’d love to hear how it worked out for you.

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  1. Alexander Bradley
    Alexander Bradley

    I heard about this myself. It surmounted to multiple things, the Kickstarter campaign being one of the biggest.

    The game was meant to be released in an episodic style, in which the message (to be continued) would have probably have been fine. (A bit lazy but that’s what you would expect.)

    Problem was nobody knew it was meant to be episodic until afterwards. The team changed it to that style to help fund the project in smaller bites.

    In essence though, we are getting far too many unfinished games. Sword of the Stars 2 & Legends of Pegasus are but two I’ve bought that were awful at launch, (I mean unplayable.) The devs behind Legend of Pegasus don’t exist any more and that has been left as a steaming pile of crap. Shame as it had plenty of potential.

    Most people have probably also see the latest trend with game patches. Or should I say, day one patches. You get excited to play a new game, slot it in and the first thing you see is (an update has been found.) Not really what you want to see with a brand new game. Trouble is with indie studios desperate for money, big AAA devs being forced to release as early as possible by investors and publishers, we now have a modern culture of releasing games when they are barely playable and worrying about getting it up to full strength after the dollars have rolled into the bank.

    This issue will continue to get worse, though at first we probably won’t tell with the support of auto updates now coming down to the next console generation, (the ps3 and steam already have it.) This will hide the issue but unplayable games are much harder to hide completely.


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