Well it’s not everyday that a classic gets remade or certified for a modern audience. After all, games made just ten years ago don’t work physically on any modern console, with the PC game section being sometimes hit and miss.

Games thirty years ago often have more issues than does this DVD work in this machine. No, back than games were still firmly on cassettes and possible the early floppy disc. Media that modern machines would look at and go, WTF! Did we seriously use those pathetic excuses for storage?

Well slowly the appetite for the greats and classics of the past have meant a large portion of them have started appearing on modern machines.

It just so happens that it’s the thirtieth anniversary of the text adventure game, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. So to remember the game in all its glory, the BBC have released a version that can be played for free online, with a couple small improvements to aid movement and gameplay on a tablet/phone device.

So now we can all easily enjoy the classic game.

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