Today is the final day of one of the greatest operating systems known to man, (don’t go there mac fans, I’m not in the mood!)

XP has served us all pretty well. It was the first Microsoft OS entry to really beef up security on the network side. It worked with almost everything imaginable, I don’t remember many games that didn’t work on the platform. It did away with silly USB driver installs and installed smooth as butter from scratch.

As an IT technician, XP represents a lot of good, and bad, memories that will have to take a back seat from today. Let’s face it, anyone’s experience shouldn’t be needed after they stop tweaking, fiddling and twerkng the system to be its best. After today we’ll just have to remember the OS with fond memories and wait till windows 8 has been stampeded to death and 9 fixes its faults before upgrading.

Just as a final warning to anybody still using XP, don’t worry, it won’t explode at 12am tonight. Your only risk is from the world wide web, where evil people lurk to take over your PC and all its data. So if you’re at home reading this on a windows XP machine, think about upgrading soon. If however, your on a work machine that still has XP, what the hell are you waiting for! Personal security is one thing, business security is another. Upgrade as soon as physically possible. Before you or your business lose a lot more than some easily replaceable data.

Have a good night folks, and please remember XP. The OS that proved Microsoft could occasionally make stable, secure and working operating systems.

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