So while everyone is running around like a child at Christmas time because of all the super cool, soon to be released games and next generation consoles. I thought I’d write about something that ain’t changing anytime soon. What did you say?

The all important engagement ring.

So you’re thinking of going to the next step with your loved one and you’ve looked around the shops and it not what you want, the ones you’ve seen are boring and normal! Well well I have some amazing geeky ideas for you. Oh and don’t forget you can use any of these as wedding rings, some can even be worn by men as I know my other half would love the one ring to rule them all.

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I'm an actual girly geek. No fakery here! I'll blow your brains out on Left for Dead and set your pants on fire in Team Fortress 2. Do not mess with my pyro, you'll come away scorched. Anyway, I love all things geeky, fairies and elves are the best.

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