Do you need to geek up your life or find you’re girlfriend the perfect geeky gift? Then I have the best thing ever. Leah has a wide range of all things geeky even things you can use for valentine gifts and friendship gifts too, so if you have that special geek or friend geek or even that family member that you can never find the ”right” gift then GeekOUTlet is the perfect place. She even makes home decorations so you can show you’re geekness to everyone!

Introducing the GeekOUTlet, Leah Nelson from North Chattanooga, TN, United States makes her items by hand and yes all by herself as well as being a full time wife,while parenting her little girl and her step children too. I asked Leah a few questions to get to know the person behind of this geeky nerdcore magic.

These are her own words.

  • What made you start up you’re own business? I was very pregnant with my daughter Lily and was concerned about the time I would miss from work and how we would pay the bills. I’ve always been creatively inclined, so I decided to try my hand at a few different things and see if maybe I could raise some extra cash. Almost 4 years later and this is what my husband and I do full time.
  •  Where and how did you get you’re inspiration for the GeekOUTlet? My inspiration comes from being a gamer my entire life. I grew up in a family of geeks, married a geek, and am raising a little geekling haha.  I also was inspired to make my glowing galaxy jewellery by a lifelong fascination with space and the night sky.

A little bio about Leah:

  •  Leah is 30 years old married mother of one and stepmother of two more. also a costumer, prop maker, gamer, and a geek for life :).

Here are some images of the items she makes and sells to you! What are you waiting for? Go buy it all, I know you want to.


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