Games Republic has officially launched and may it benefit us all.

The new site, created by the development studio behind the Anomaly series of strategy games, (11bit studios,) has gone live and offers a range of bonuses to bloggers, youtubers, gamers and developers.

Gamers get a great new place to buy games at competitive prices, while also having a way to help support their favourite bloggers and youtubers.

Us bloggers and youtubers get a small amount of money from any games purchased off our own store or via links from our site heading to the Games Republic. So we can now write and show off games as well as offer you a great price on the talked about games all over our websites.

As for developers, it gives them another avenue for selling their games while also easing up on their advertising budgets by letting us do the hard work.

The site already has some fantastic games on board and I hope you keep an eye out for some great deals we may have around the site. At the moment, we’re showing off Anomaly Korea in honour of Games Republic’s creator and it’s at a great price. Not to mention, by creating an account for Games Republic, you’ll also get a copy of the original Anomaly game, completely free.

Keep your eyes peeled for our very own games store. Good day folks.

Update: Good news folks, our store is live. After a little tweaking I think it looks quite nice. All games sponsored on our homepage will of course be games we’ve already played and currently love. We’ll do our best to keep it up to date as more games launch on the new digital platform so if you’d like to pop over and give us your thoughts, we’d be thrilled.

Store Now Live

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