FTL is a game that really surprised a lot of gamers when it arrived. First Kickstarted and then released in its full form, FTL went on to become one of the hardest and yet addictive rogue like games available.

Well, now you’ll be getting even more for your money with the latest announcement of a free expansion. This isn’t any old free update either, this little update adds a considerable amount of extra goodies to the game. Consider cloning your crew to double your work force or hacking into enemy systems to remotely effect the enemy ship. Or how about a battery backup or even mind control? You know you want to take control of some poor petty officer and move him into the blazing fire on board his own ship. You evil b******.

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Along with those new rooms and abilities will be a couple smaller improvements. The developers have improved the visuals of the game and also added a harder mode, as if the game wasn’t already hard! Check out the FTL site for more details on the upcoming expansion and iPad port.

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  1. Bryan

    Cool. I didn’t even know they were updating this. I thought they had moved on. I really liked FTL.


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