The what? Freaking Meatbags! What the hell is that?

That my friends, is a new RTS/Tower Defence game coming out of Wild Factor Studios.

Your dreary job is to keep these lazy humanoid meat bags, that you just happen to find on random planets, and that your bosses wife happens to find cute, alive. By all means necessary, against an onslaught of crazy robots among other strange species and a giant squid.

You’ll be able to do this by building structures as you would in any tradition RTS game, but more importantly, you’ll have to make these lazy bums do some of the work.

Now, how do you make a humanoid do work? Oh right, splice their genes with an alien’s DNA and hope for the best!


Good, take peak below for the latest video release and keep your eyes peeled for this ever intriguing game to arrive on Steam’s Early Access during the early summer months of 2014.

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