Yep, I’m afraid the title is correct and very accurate in this instance.

Facebook have indeed acquired the wonderful Oculus Rift company for a staggering $2bn, some in cash with the rest in Facebook shares.

Now my first, and current reaction is, WTF! I’m actually considerably angry over this decision. I mean, why does Facebook want something that could revolutionize gaming?

To make money is the answer. I know businesses survive by making money, but sometimes you want an idea to flourish because it’s a great idea and not because it has potential to make crap loads of cash.

What I find reassuring is the fact that Notch has also expressed his feelings on the matter, cancelling the VR version of Minecraft in the process. Now this is a shame in the fact that an official version of Minecraft will not work with the Oculus Rift but it also means that I’m not alone in this matter as are many others. You can check out what Notch had to say here.

As far as news wise, this pretty much came out of nowhere and hit us all by surprise. Which begs the question, how long has this idea been around for and how quick did Oculus Rift make the decision. After all, with FB now owning the company, any changes will have to go through them. Instead of before, people were encouraged to mess around and experiment with the technology, things could easily change with FB at the head.

These sorts of buyouts aren’t usually last minute decisions but in fact, can easily take several months of talks and diplomacy to complete.

What do you guys think, could this be good or is it really as bad as some of us thing it could be?

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