Honestly, I didn’t really know who Deadpool was before this Game was announced. I’ve heard his name, and seen his character before, but I never actually knew who or what he was. My opinion of The Deadpool Video Game is unbiased, as I didn’t know what to expect. I am happy to say that after playing Deadpool’s Video Game, I am now a fan of him.


First of all, this Game is very raunchy throughout it’s entirety. Definitely not recommended for children, or anybody easily offended by sexism or sexual Jokes. Take blowing up a sex doll and joking about sticking your penis in it, for example. If you think you would have a problem with that, you probably do not want to play this, because things like that are common throughout the game.


If you can enjoy, or even tolerate that kind of humour, you will more than likely have a good time with Deadpool. The Writing for Dialogue and Cutscenes is outstanding, with Nolan North giving an excellent performance voicing Deadpool and his other egos, which is one of the highest points of the Game. From Deadpool pitching his Video Game ideas to High Moon Studios over the Phone (and then blowing up High Moon Studios) to slapping Wolverine around for 2 minutes while he’s unconscious, you will find a lot of hilarity in Deadpool’s Script. If you enjoy Comedy and are in the mood for a good laugh, you’ll get your fix with Deadpool.

Having Fun, Deadpool?

Having Fun, Deadpool?

Well, maybe even an overdose. While the Writing is great, it can get tiring after a while. With just about every line of Deadpool’s Script being an immature joke, it gets pretty old within a few hours. There are some Golden One-Liners and Convos between Deadpool’s three egos, but after 4 Hours of them, with no breaks, you’ll be on the verge of wishing for a Political Debate. While that’s Deadpool’s Character (insane, off the Wall, unpredictable), there could have been at least SOME seriousness in the Script to give balance.


Which brings me to this point; the Length of the Game. Deadpool isn’t a very long Game. Taking my time with listening to all dialogue and looking around, exploring every area, I clocked in about 7 and a half Hours. That would be an acceptable length, seeing as how any more Deadpool would just be tedious, but there is absolutely no Replay Value of any kind. There are no secrets or collectibles anywhere in the Campaign. There is no Multiplayer. There are Challenge Maps, but they are few and serve no purpose. The one and only reason you would want to replay the game a second time, is to obtain all of the Achievements / Trophies, which is fairly difficult to do in one Playthrough. So unless you are a Trophy / Achievement Hunter, 7 Hours is about the most you will get out of Deadpool… for better or worse.


When it comes to Gameplay, it’s on par with the average Hack and Slash. You enter open areas or corridors where you cut, stab, smash, shoot, vaporize and trap hordes of enemies in bear traps, spend your DP Points on upgrades for your weapons and character, then move on to the next area or corridor with mild platforming and scripted comedy in between. While these elements of Gameplay are done well, and are enjoyable, you never get much more than that. If you don’t like the combat from the beginning of the Game, you’ll get tired of it pretty soon. While the game tries to mix up the combat by allowing you to purchase 3 different Melee Weapons, 4 unique Guns and a few cool Tools for your Arsenal, once you find the couple you like, you won’t be switching between them very often. This, as well as limited Combo Animations make Combat repetitive, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you don’t mind button mashing, dismembering limbs and splattering guts all over the walls is still pretty satisfying.


Finesse by Deadpool

Finesse by Deadpool

Graphically, Deadpool isn’t the most impressive looking Game of this Console Generation, but they aren’t bad either. Environments look fairly good, but you don’t see much variety throughout levels, and there isn’t much reason to look around. Animations could be better but they get the job done. Character Models look good, but again, not much variety, as you will be seeing the same exact enemies all the time. Lighting, Shading and Texture Detail are average, nothing to get excited about. You won’t spend much time admiring the Graphics, but you won’t be vomiting at how bad they are either.


As for the Plot of the Game, I almost forgot to mention it. There really isn’t much of a story to Deadpool. Deadpool himself pretty much makes it up as he goes along, which makes sense, seeing as how he drew all over the original Script with crayons. Deadpool is just thrown from situation to situation without really knowing, or caring about what’s going on, just going along with it. Mister Sinister is the main antagonist of the Game, who is planning World Domination… or something. While the X-Men, as well as Cable are trying to stop Mister Sinister to save the world and restore peace in the future, Deadpool’s motivations are all his own. But again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because that’s the way Deadpool is supposed to be.

Well, "Me", that's a matter of perception

Well, “Me”, that’s a matter of perception


Deadpool Review
Deadpool: The Video Game is a great game to have a good laugh with and to complete in one night. A fun Main Character, hilarious Scripted Events and Gory Combat, you'll most likely have a good time with Deadpool, if you're drunk. This Video Game is great fan-service to past Deadpool fans who've always wanted Deadpool to get more mainstream attention. If you know the Deadpool Character, you will Love this game, no doubt about it, but you don't have to know who Deadpool is to have a good time. I had no idea who Deadpool was before playing this Game, and I had a blast from start to finish. Deadpool is definitely a recommended pick-up... for a discount... from a friend. Suitability: 18+ / Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC / Replayability: Small
The Good
  • Outstanding Writing
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Fan Service To Deadpool Fans
The Bad
  • Short Length
  • No Replay Value
  • Repetitive Combat & Enemies
6Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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