Now, I’m not one to brag usually but this is a rare instance where I feel compelled to do just that. I have been extremely lucky in my life to have met and become friends with some pretty amazing and talented people – many of these are involved in the creative arts, one way or another – and from these people I’ve come to know of other talented individuals.

Just the other day I had the pleasure of seeing one of the aforementioned acquaintances newest work. It’s a graphic novel entitled Cloudbusting. It tells the tale of a female protagonist dealing with emotions and situations that many of us have felt or experienced in varying degrees – grief, false accusations, homelessness and being unemployed.


What makes this graphic novel unique and interesting is that it remains wordless the entire time, yet somehow manages to illustrate its message beautifully through the artwork of its author – Helen Dearnley.
If this sounds like a publication that you’d want to delve into or find out more about, then why not help the lass out through her Kickstarter page.

As normal, there are varying incentives for you to part with your money (aside from helping a kick-ass project) ranging from receiving a poster print, postcard of Cloudbusting with illustrated instructions on building a cloudbuster and a badge naming you as an honorary cloudbuster (all this for just a £3 contribution) right the way through to including all the above along with a copy of Cloudbusting the graphic novel with your name included in the acknowledgments, personally signed by the illustrator herself, an invitation to the launch and a framed graphic portrait by the illustrator (for which she usually is commissioned to do).

So get on over and check her work out – there’s even a lovely teaser video with a great soundtrack on the Kickstarter page to whet your appetite.

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