The Chaos Reborn Kickstarter is now live. This one just couldn’t wait for the weekly show so here it is.

The aim of the campaign is to raise $180,000 to help complete the game. Considering the project has been live for a day and has already raised $50,000, I would say this project will be going into the stretch goals, mighty quick.

The announcement trailer is below to give you a good look at the game in its current form. By backing the project you can get a range of extras like downloadble music tracks, game guides, naming wizards, equipment, plus of course access to the full game, along with alpha and beta access.

You can get in on the main action by plonking down $20 for the game, along with some small extra perks.

Feel free to support the campaign here, check out our interview with the man behind the project, Julian Gollop, here and see below for the official trailer.

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