Robot Wars Is Returning!

So I, like many brits, grew up in the 90's watching Robot Wars. Craig Charles led the program to incredible success and many of us were fans of the destruction, mayhem and trauma on people's faces when their be...

American Ultra Review

Last week I was offered the opportunity to watch American Ultra and as I wasn’t up to anything gave a very, ‘erm, yeah….alright’ response. I wasn't really aware of the film, or I thought I wasn’t until it start...

The Gamechangers Review

Recently the BBC commissioned a documentary to tell the story of brothers Sam and Dan Houser who are the brains being the very hard to ignore Grand Theft Auto computer game series. They are famous for transferr...

Jurassic World Review

For over a decade, fans have had to wait for directors, production deadlines, budgeting to sort their stuff out so a follow-up to the brilliant Jurassic Park trilogy could be made and boy was it worth the wait....