I have to be honest, having not seen the first Captain America (but seeing all the other Avengers films) I was a bit lost to begin with….but only a teeny bit! The film takes place two years after the attack on New York when Steve Rogers (the Cap’n) is trying to settle into society. He is still working for S.H.I.E.L.D but finds out that a second operation known as HYDRA is operating secretly and threatens to kill a number of civilians for the ‘greater good’ as they may pose a threat in the future.  Alongside all this, an unstoppable Winter Solider well, needs to be stopped.

The film is set up in typical Marvel esque way – baddie trying to kill people and take over the world and it is up to an Avenger to save the day. However, without sounding too feminist here, it was the women who were the most ‘bad-ass’ in the film. As a fan of Revenge it was great to see Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter and as a How I Met Your Mother fan was awesome to see the return of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill and for her to actually have a bit more screen time. Overall for me it was Scarlett Johanson as Natasha Romanoff who stole the show. I presumed she would only be in the film for a short amount of time but she had a definite leading lady presence and almost acted Chris Evans off the screen.

Further great performances by Frank Grillo as Agent Brock Rumlow (who I loved in Warrior), Anthony Mackie as Falcon and legend Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce who fit the nasty role perfectly.

Like I said with Thor: The Dark World it was an easy film to watch on a Sunday evening. It has everything you would want from an Avenger movie. The visual effects are really good however I found myself being a little desensitized to them because of the other movies. Saying that, in this movie, the impressive choreography of the fighting definitely had an impact. You can sense that the actors worked really hard to be ‘on point’ in the fight scenes and the choreographers weren’t afraid to throw a few little MMA moves in there. The Winter Solider (played by Sebastian Stan) was genuinely unnerving and you really wouldn’t stand a chance unless you were, well, Captain America.

A scene with Samuel L Jackson as S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘god’ Nick Fury in which he is attacked in his car really stood out for me. A lot of action happened in a short amount of time to get the heart racing.

I know this was raved about in the first one but a quick mention and appreciation of the camera trickery in the flashback scenes to when Steve Rogers was pre Captain. It is very clever and if anyone could enlighten me to how it’s done, please do.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review
The film indicates that there are plans for a third Captain America film and after checking it has been confirmed. But most of all the film left me very excited for the next Avengers: Age of Ultron due for release in 2015. As always, stick around after the first few credits and then maybe a bit longer… Swaying between 7 or 8, so 7.5/10 it is!
7.5Overall Score
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  1. Bryan

    I just watched it today. I liked it a lot. The story and action was great. Dialogue… mostly good. Some moments I just had to kind of sigh at. I can’t believe people still write certain dialogue thinking it’s original or at least not being embarrassed by it. The first example of this (and only one I remember 😀 ) was one of those “I’ll be there in 4 hours”, “You’ve got 3” moments. *shudders* yuck.

    I would suggest watching the mid-credit material, but the post credit I would just read about if you don’t feel like sitting through a few more minutes of credits. It wasn’t funny or really that informative. Just “oh… okay? good for him?” The mid-credit did actually tease stuff, though it didn’t interest me at all because I am realizing as they dig deeper into the Marvel Universe’s storylines, I know very little about it.


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