Looks like it hasn’t been the greatest weekend for everybody.

Iain banks died yesterday. One of the great Scottish authors of our time has passed away at the age of 59 due to gall bladder cancer. Apparently it was only diagnosed two months ago and he was given between four months and a year to live. He didn’t quite get to see his latest piece of work go on sale, even with the publication date being brought forward a couple of months to June 20th. The Quarry, his latest novel, has parts of his last few months experiences in that will hopefully give a small insight into how he felt nearer the end.

He has also done some terrific sci-fi novels that have never seen the respect and admiration they deserved.

It’s certainly not the news you probably wanted to hear on a Monday morning but it needed to be said. For those of us who’ve read his work before, please remember him fondly. For those who haven’t, he has a collection of great stories waiting for you to enjoy. After all, the best way to remember people is often through their work.

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