So we already did our choices of best games for 2013. Now we also talked about what game series we’d love to bring back from the dead. I’m sure there are many IP’s that never really took off or one of the sequels failed to warrant another addition to the series. We voted on what IP’s we’d love to see back in action with a brand new title, not a remake of an old game but a new title built from the ground up with the modern day consoles and PC’s in mind.

So, what did we pick? Well we voted on several of our beloved gems from the past and the three below were the ones people wanted most.

Number 3

At number three we have my personal favourite, Dungeon Keeper. There can’t be many PC game fans out there that have not encountered this little gem. It was killed in its infancy, just as it started growing to become something super duper awesome. With only two very successful titles to its name, I doubt anything will ever come of Dungeon Keeper.


For those of you in the know, the IP is owned by the infamous EA, and so has as much chance of being reborn as Syndicate’s next game being a turn based game.

Dungeon Keeper was the original game that made being naughty, FUN! It allowed you to make your own dungeons, control your minions as you saw fit and even give a cheeky slap or two. For anybody who wishes to know the joy of Dungeon Keeper, head on over to GOG to experience the original series at its best.

Number 2

This is a game that many people have been clambering for since the PS One died years ago. Crash Bandicoot is the name and the game is still as infamous as any other long dead series.


Crash Bandicoot came to fame during the big PS One rush that saw Sony smash away the competition with ease. Originally it was just a platformer, but over time it slowly evolved to encompass adventure and racing into its core mechanics.

Eventually though the spark disappeared and the game ceased to be. Shame really for something that used to be a flag ship game for the big PlayStation brand. You never know though, it could be coming back for the PS4, depending on how much you read into a certain trailer.

Number 1

Now this is something that would be a wonder for all if it came back in a new and improved form. Again, another big PS One title, Abe’s Oddysee rocked the platformer scene for very much the same reasons Crash Bandicoot did. Its sly and witty humour drew us in to a dark and miserable world where Abe’s people were being mistreated and abused beyond what we could imagine.


The series had some fantastic titles but being a rather niche game never helped it make it big when money is concerned. The series is set for a refresh with the original game being remade in HD for modern consoles, maybe this could be the spark to reignite the series a fresh.

Well, do you agree with out three choices? Do you have something you wanted to return from the dead? Let us know down in the comments, developers will never know if you don’t voice what you want.

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